Just as I was about to leave work today I received a delivery from UPS. Inside was a plaque with our E.P., CD and an inscription. Strange thing is, I was going to buy one of these plaques for myself but never got around to it. It was a nice unexpected gift from Moonlab Studios and Disk Makers. I’m a sucker for this type of stuff, just recently I received an order of Supersmall buttons (because I just wanted them). Anyway, April 2012 is when Daniela and I formed the band and exactly a year later we have a record. We even managed to write a few songs for the next one during that time. As I’ve said before, I created this blog as a writing exercise (I’ll use any excuse to force my lazy arse to write) but it’s interesting to read back over it and see how things developed along the way. For me at least, April 2013 is a million miles away from April 2012 and It’s a lot better. Getting this plaque today with the date stamped on it was a pleasant and unexpected reminder.  

Is that the time already? 
Still trying to hide the art for the release.
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