We are proud to announce that our debut album, Silent Moon is here. We had our release show at Rockwood Music Hall on Wednesday night and we want to send a big Thank You! to all who came out.


You can download Silent Moon from our Bandcamp page HERE or at CD Baby HERE.

iTunes, Spotify and everything else will follow soon.

Here is what some of the early reviewers said…

“Overachievers they may be, but if “A Better Life” is any indication, here’s hoping this is the beginning of a long and fruitful relationship for Supersmall.” – Elmore Magazine.

“A nice acoustic treat. The album is full of sonic goodness, fresh guitar riffs and relaxing vocals that soothe.” – GroundSounds.

“They sound great together.” – Folk Radio UK. The UK’s Leading Folk & Roots Website and Radio Station.

“There is nothing at all small about Supersmall, they are a large sounding folk/pop group. Beautiful vocals, beautiful arrangements. A great band that is on its way to big things. I’m hitching my wagon to their star.” – AudioFuzz



We’re also excited to announce that HiFi Records & Cafe are now selling both This Other World and our latest release, Silent Moon. They also have a great selection of new and used vinyl and have delicious coffee. Go check it out.

…and now we push on to the next project. These Dark Woods E.P. will be out later this year.

I went to see our producer Tom Beaujour perform with Tim Foljahn at Rockwood Music Hall recently. It was a great show with some serious musicianship on display. Tim’s new record Fucking Love Songs is out now and you can purchase it here. I have his last record and I highly recommend the follow up. Tim works with Tom at the recording studio in case you were wondering 😉

We will be returning to the studio on April 26th, 27th & 28th to finish the record. Due to both our schedules it’s a relief to see the end in sight. It now looks like that in two short years since our debut we’ll have our second record ready for release.

Things are looking up!

– Colin

Tim (left) Tom (center) Jeremy (right)