I just seen the first two drafts of the E.P. cover art and I’m very happy. It has taken a very different direction and become something far better. I look forward to sharing it real soon. Hair planets, moon dwelling walruses and asymptotes are just some of the details you can find amongst  this other world we created.

Of course it’s weird, don’t you know us?  

Two rehearsals in and we have the first Three songs for the E.P. confirmed pretty much. We intend on recording five tracks in total which leaves us with two more to choose. Currently I’m thinking Everywhere and This Grenade Will Love You. I feel pretty good about the progress so far. The drums and piano really bring out the songs and having two additional inputs is invaluable. I need to start writing out the final baselines and the little guitar parts. Anyway, I plan on keeping track of our progress from the beginning to the final CD. I hope to repeat the process again sometime in the future and perhaps reading back over this will help.