Life is life, you can’t change that. Rescheduled for the second time, I will be finally recording vocals this Monday for Silent Moon at Nuthouse Studios, but not before swinging by Moon Labs to finish ‘Take The Day Off’ on Saturday. This unfortunately is the balancing act of art & work & time & money but i’m looking forward to it.

Taylor, who created all the amazing artwork for the first record signed on again for Silent Moon which is very exciting news. She will also be doing a little animation work for an upcoming music video.

The music video! It’s here and finally happening this spring. Eliya Akbaş will be writing, producing & directing. He outlined his idea and I got to admit that Daniela and I are pretty excited about it.

I got to do something pretty cool recently and say hello to my family on Dublin City FM this previous Sunday. They heard it too, my mother commenting that she’s now an expert on the brain! (when wasn’t she?). Joe discussed his work in the field of neuroscience, The Amygdaloids and our duo So We Are. I go to talk a little at the end about Supersmall which was great.

The musical adventures continue.

Colin 🙂