It has been a good week for my band Supersmall. As mentioned earlier, getting a positive response from Neil Finn regarding Silent Moon was something I found personally very gratifying. Definitely a high point thus far.

We also got a really positive review from Indie-Music Magazine recently. It is the longest running (since 1996) website and magazine that covers independent music. They’ve followed us from the very beginning and it was great to get such a great review from folks that really get our music. You can read the review HERE.

“Schiller and Dempsey are one of those rare duos that captures two perfectly matched counterparts bringing out the best in each other. The strength of the songwriting and lyricism is almost a bonus; their individual performances are so charismatic and seamless that it’s easy to get lost and swept up in Silent Moon. It is hopeful, romantic, and timeless.”



Queens Scene Magazine gave some love for Supersmall’s Silent Moon recently. as part of their section Tunes & Taverns. Click here for the full article or just read our part below 😉

Colin Dempsey is an Irish-born singer/songwriter that lives in Astoria. Colin’s music is under the moniker Supersmall and the latest release, Silent Moon is a beautiful blend of artists like Nick Drake, and Frank Turner. Poetic, fun, and folky. Colin is not alone in his endeavors as Supersmall as he’s joined by the wonderfully talented drummer Daniela Schiller. The two musicians together bring an eclectic world perspective that translates to a wonderful harmonious arrangement that is their debut LP, Silent Moon. The group has been acclaimed in publications like and the deli magazine. This is a group you are going to want to keep an eye out for.

Anybody who is even somewhat aware of me will already know that my favorite songwriter is New Zealand musician Neil Finn. For some reason I decided to send him a link to our latest record and debut album Silent Moon. It was a long shot but he had responded to me once before a very long time ago regarding a question about his favorite type of wine. Brunello di Montalcino or Chateau Neuf De Pape apparently.


I forgot about it.

Then today he got back to me and said that he had listened to it and that he liked it.

He didn’t have too listen to it yet alone take the time to respond!

I contacted Daniela immediately and she was thrilled.

That’s it, nothing more to say. I’m so f*cking happy!

Neil Finn likes Silent Moon.

The End.

Double Gig! – Colin & Daniela will be playing with Supersmall & The Amygdaloids.
Time: Show starts at 8pm.
Location: Black Box Theater, 715 Broadway 2nd Floor
8.00pm SUPERSMALL (30mins)
9.00pm AMYGDALOIDS (50mins)
10.00pm THAUMATROPE (50mins)
Tickets will be $25 and $5 students. VIP tickets to be confirmed
All proceeds to Robert Sklar Scholarship Fund