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Supersmall invites you to enter the world of Silent Moon, their debut album after the 2013 release of EP, This Other World.

A little older, a little bit more experimental, the album takes you through a daydream-like stretch of jazzy melodies, retro-rock and songs sung out to sea. A truly original sound inspired by artists such as Neil Finn and Pink Floyd, there is a sophisticated balance of poetic lyrics that span religion to untraditional love songs, honest vocals and intricate guitar—all amidst an ethereal atmosphere of keyboards, strings and trumpet.

Silent Moon is available digitally everywhere from January 22nd, 2016.

This Other World and Silent Moon is also available at:

HiFi Records & Cafe, 23-19 Steinway Street, Astoria, New York.

Supersmall is a New York-based Indie rock band featuring singer-songwriter Colin Dempsey, drummer Daniela Schiller and Al Hoberman on bass. All are seasoned musicians that have played in the United States, Europe, the Middle East, Australia and New Zealand.

This Other World is their debut release. It is a collection of original songs that has been described as having strong engaging melodies, poetic lyrics, and an overall sense of discovery.

Colin and Daniela met on the New York storytelling scene – both are also writers and big fans of good whiskey. Most importantly, they are close friends and all of this shines through on the record.

The next time you’re in New York, look them up and try to catch a live show, they’ll have whiskey.

This Other World: Top 13 editor picks of 2013 –

Deli Magazine NYC, Emerging Artist 2013! –Deli Magazine, NYC

Their song “Goodbye Old Friend” was recently featured in the documentary The Ripple Project

Supersmall has been heard on NPR, KRVS 87.7FM, WJFF 90.5FM, SiriusXM Radio, Dublin City FM, 95.9 WATD FM, KUBU FM The Voice of Sacramento,  and various other radio stations from across the pond..

Press for Silent Moon (2016)

“…resplendent debut album,..with intriguingly novelistic lyrics,…tackles such serious themes as the passage of time and solitude with a refreshingly warm hand.” – The Deli Magazine NY.

“Schiller and Dempsey are one of those rare duos that captures two perfectly matched counterparts bringing out the best in each other. The strength of the songwriting and lyricism is almost a bonus; their individual performances are so charismatic and seamless that it’s easy to get lost and swept up in Silent Moon. It is hopeful, romantic, and timeless.” –

“I like it” – Neil Finn

“Some retro-ish music has the power to trigger in us the appreciation for “vintage” styles we didn’t think we missed – until now. This is the case with New York band, Supersmall, whose most recent album, Silent Moon, evokes some of the well tempered pop of the ’80s…”  – Madeleine Grossman

“Silent Moon is where elegant meets excitable with an acoustic guitar in its hand–in other words, it’s worth the time of a wide swath of music listeners, from indie-pop lovers to hardcore acoustic fans.” – Independent Clauses.

“They sound great together.” – Folk Radio UK. The UK’s Leading Folk & Roots Website and Radio Station.

“Overachievers they may be, but if “A Better Life” is any indication, here’s hoping this is the beginning of a long and fruitful relationship for Supersmall.” – Elmore Magazine.

“A nice acoustic treat. The album is full of sonic goodness, fresh guitar riffs and relaxing vocals that soothe.” – GroundSounds.

“There is nothing at all small about Supersmall, they are a large sounding folk/pop group. Beautiful vocals, beautiful arrangements. A great band that is on its way to big things. I’m hitching my wagon to their star.” – AudioFuzz

“Poetic, fun, and folky. This is a group you are going to want to keep an eye out for.” – Queens Scene Magazine.

“Intricate songwriting and arrangements as well as lush production. The over-all vibe is carefully crafted, restrained psychedelia.” – the modern folk music of america.

“It feels like an excursion to summer cloud watching” – D4AM.

Press for This Other World (2013)

“Supersmall produce blissful folk/blues and rock music that’s upbeat, interesting and most importantly (with our weather brightening up) summery. It’s everything folk and roots music should be.” – Rocking Republic, UK.

“Their songs are delicate lyrical stories, intricately woven poems, carried with real, raw emotion which is both relatable and pleasing…Lighthearted beauty with an intriguing depth” – Posemanikin

“Their tunes and melodies are every bit as wistful as their lyrics. Many talented lyricists approach songwriting from a traditional, emotive perspective. Dempsey and Schiller are a bit different in that many of their songs tell actual tales from beginning to end, in ways that many of their contemporaries couldn’t, and certainly not as eloquently.” – Thirty Roses

“Dempsey and Schiller make a compelling duo; a very organic and natural partnership of storytellers whose lyrical content shine among these seven well-crafted songs.” –

“Supersmall‘s This Other World captures the balance between composed and wide-open songwriting that is common in artists from across the pond” – Independent Clauses

“Catchy, songwriterly collection of strummin’ & drummin’ folk rock. the album is minimally produced beyond the guitar, drums and voice, with subtle strings and touches of electric piano. it works well that way, a not so easy feat made easier by the fact that dempsey sounds very at home crooning his jaunty, bittersweet tunes.” – the modern folk music of america.

“Each song stands on its own and Supersmall explores genres as casually and effectively as if they were picking a bouquet of wild roses. Their spirit is high, and mine certainly was, too, by the end of this.” – The Equal Ground

“Supersmall has a very mature sound for a band on their debut release. The songs are well-written and you get a nice selection of tunes on here. You get a nice taste of Supersmall, and it still leaves you wondering what’s next? I am eager to see what the future holds.” – Muzik Reviews

“This outfit really shows talent. They are talented songwriters. They are talented musicians. Most importantly, though, they know how to create a set of songs that are mature and entertaining. This is a fun disc that never disappoints. Personally, I’d love to hear more from them.” – Musicemissions

“Dempsey’s and Schiller’s experience as musicians is evident in this pristinely produced collection of dreamy folk songs.” – The Indie Blender

“Well written melodies and lyrics. Worth checking out” – Those Who Dig

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