Upcoming Shows


August 10th/3-6pm/Saturday – Prohibition Distillery, Roscoe, NY

July 20th/3-6pm/Saturday – Prohibition Distillery, Roscoe, NY

May 24th/7pm – National Sawdust – More Details to Follow

April 16-18th – Accademia Delle Scienze, Turin, Italy – Tour – More Details To Follow

March 28th/9pm – Rar Bar, Astoria, NY – Colin Dempsey & Ruby Rae

March 21st/8pm/Sidewalk Cafe – Colin plays with Joseph LeDoux & David Weyand

March 2nd/8pm – Hanks Saloon – Colin Plays w/ Ruby Rae.

February 16th/ 2-5pm – Catskill BreweryWinter Carnival @ Catskill Brewery


January 9th/8pm – Freddy’s Bar & Grill – Ruby Rae Singer Songwriter Night

January 5th/8pm – Pete’s Candy Store – w/Ruby Rae


December 22nd/7pm/Saturday – Full Band Show @ The Bitter End, NYC

December 12th/8pm/Wednesday – Freddy’s Bar & Grill – Ruby Rae Songwriter Night

December 7th/8pm/Friday – Sidewalk Cafe – Colin plays w/ The Amygdaloids (Birthday gig).

November 18th/7pm/Sunday – Freight & Volume Gallery, NYC – w/Phrogz

November 14th/8pm/Wednesday – Freddy’s Bar & Grill – Ruby Rae Songwriter Night

November 2nd/7pm/Friday – Sidewalk Cafe – Night of Protest DNC Fundraiser.

November 1st/9pm/Thursday – Rar Bar, Astoria, NY – Colin Dempsey & Ruby Rae

October 26th – 28th – Nashville, Tennessee – On Tour w/ J.LeDoux & David Weyand.

October 10th/8pm/Wednesday – Freddy’s Bar & Grill – Ruby Rae Songwriter Night

September 22nd/2pm/Saturday – Prohibition Distillery, Roscoe, NY

September 12th/8pm/Wednesday – Freddy’s Bar & Grill – Ruby Rae Songwriter Night

August 26th/4pm/Sunday – Rock Valley Schoolhouse, Long Eddy, NY.

August 23rd/8pm – Hanks Saloon , Brooklyn, NY.

August 18th/2pm – Reel Harmony Songwriter Festival, Roscoe, NY.

August 18th/8pm – Cabernet Frank’s 38 Main Street, Parksville, NY.

August 10th/6pm/ Tribeca Film Festival Full Supersmall Show – Playing  outside the oculus before a showing of Coming To America.

August 8th/8pm/ Freddy’s Bar & Back Room – Rock + Roll Birthday Friends at Freddy’s

August 2nd/9am/Thursday – Thunder 102fm Live On Air Interview

June 16th/6pm/Saturday – Tribeca Film Festival Show – Colin playing w/ Ruby Rae

June 13th/8pm/Wednesday – Freddy’s Bar & Grill – Ruby Rae Songwriter Night

May 31st – June 5th – Mexico City, Mexico – On Tour – Supersmall & J.LeDoux

May 24th/8pm/Thursday/ – Pete’s Candy Store – Supersmall w/ Shauna Westgate

May 23rd/7pm/Wednesday – The Smithsonian, S. Dillon Ripley Center, Washington DC

May 10th/7pm/Thursday – Silence and Memory: An Exploration of Music, Mind and BrainSpectrum, Bushwick NY.

May 9th/8pm/Wednesday – Freddy’s Bar & Grill – Ruby Rae Songwriter Night

April 26th/9pm/Thursday – Rar Bar, Astoria, NY – Colin Dempsey & Ruby Rae

April 21st/3pm/Saturday – HiFi Record Store Day – Supersmall Solo

April 11th/8pm/Wednesday – Freddy’s Bar & Grill – Ruby Rae Songwriter Night

March 14th/8pm/Wednesday – Freddy’s Bar & Grill – Ruby Rae Songwriter Night

March 10th/8pm/Saturday – Cabernet Frank’s 38 Main Street, Parksville, NY.

March 2nd/8pm/Friday – Pine Box Rock Shop – Colin plays w/Ruby Rae

March 2nd/4pm/Friday – OUTSIDE-IN: THE SOCIAL BRAIN, CULTURE, AND THE SELF – The Graduate Center CUNY

February 22nd/8pm/Thursday – Rar Bar, Astoria, NY – Supersmall & Ruby Rae

February 14th/8pm/Wednesday – Freddy’s Bar & Grill – Ruby Rae Songwriter Night

February 8th-12th – On Tour – Rome, Italy – Italian Psychoanalytic Dialogues conference – Supersmall & So We Are

February 1st/8pm/Thursday – Hanks Saloon , Brooklyn, NY.


November tour  – input info***

October 19th/6pm/Thursday – Sidewalk Cafe – w/ So We Are: On the Viking Trail

October 6th/6pm/Friday – Tribeca Film Festival Full Supersmall Show – Playing  outside the oculus before a showing of Annie Hall.

September 16th/2pm/Saturday – Prohibition Distillery, Roscoe, NY

August 12th/3pm/Saturday – Reel Harmony Songwriter Festival, Roscoe, NY – Two performance as both Supersmall and with Ruby Rae.

April 14th/8pm/Friday – Out by Ten – John Strasberg Studios, NY – Storytelling & Music


January 31st/7pm/Tuesday – An Evening of Music, Art & Science @ Sidewalk, NYC
Music by artists and scientist who play with each other.
Phrogz (David Humphrey and Jennifer Coates)
Supersmall (Colin Dempsey and Daniela Schiller)
So We Are (Joseph LeDoux, Colin Dempsey, David Humphrey & Daniela Schiller.

January 10th/7.30pm/Tuesday – THE BURREN, Somerville, MA – w/So We Are

July 30th/4pm/Sunday – Rock Valley Schoolhouse, Long Eddy, NY.

July 28th/9pm/Friday – The Emerald Ballroom, Narrowsburg, NY – Supersmall & Phrogz

July 19th/7pm/Wednesday – PianosSupersmall Performs w/Squeezerock

July 8th/2pm/Saturday – Prohibition Distillery, Roscoe, NY

June 17th/7pm/Saturday – The Bitter EndFull Band Show

March 31st/8pm/Friday – The Bitter EndFull Band Show


November 21st/7.30pm/Monday  – HiFiBar, NYCw/ The Rock Valley Retinue

November 5th/7.30pm/Saturday – International’s Pop Overthrow FestivalBar Matchless, Brooklyn, NY.

October 25th/7.15pm/ – The Sounds of Fear: A Pre Halloween show @ Sidewalk Cafe, NY – w/So We Are

September 22nd/11am/Thursday – The MindKimmel Center for University Life – Supersmall & So We Are

August 7th/4pm/Sunday – Rock Valley Schoolhouse, Long Eddy, NY. – Supersmall & So We Are.

April 3rd/8pm/Sunday – Heavy Mental Music @ Drom  – Supersmall & The Amygdaloids.

January 11th/Monday/8pm – Don Piper with So We Are, Colin Dempsey and Eric Ambel @ HiFi Bar


December 23rd/9pm/Wednesday – Pianos Bar Showroom

October 21st/Wednesday/8pm – SO WE ARE + COURTNEY LEE ADAMS JR. – HIFI BAR

September 28th/7pm/Monday – Rockwood Music HallSilent Moon Record Release

July 29th – August 4th – On Tour – Nashville, Tennessee – Vanderbilt University

June 28/3pm/Sunday – Rock Valley Schoolhouse, Long Eddy NY – Supersmall & So we Are

June 22nd/8pm/Monday – NEUROROCK: AN EVENING OF NEUROSCIENCE AND MUSIC – Cornelia Street Cafe, NY – Supersmall & The Amygdsaloids.

June 14th/6pm/Sunday – Sidewalk Cafe, NYC.

March 22nd/7pm/Sunday – Brains and BrewsDrom, NY.  – Professor Eric Klann (NYU) will discuss the relationship between molecules and memory. Professor Joseph LeDoux (NYU) will talk about what it is to be and the mind-brain connection. Live music by So We Are ( Professor LeDoux and Colin Dempsey).

March 13th/8pm/Thursday – Rock Your MindThe Bowery Electric, NY. 

January 15th/7pm/Thursday – Sidewalk Cafe, NY – Supersmall & The Amygdaloids


March 20th/8.30pm/Thursday – Muchmore’s Bar, Williamsburg, Brooklyn, NY.

March 4th/8pm/Tuesday – Pianos Bar Showroom


November 17th/6pm/Sunday – LIC Bar, NYC.

September 20th/10pm/Friday – Path Cafe, NYC.

August 27th/9pm/Tuesday – Pianos Bar, NYC.

August 20th/8pm/Tuesday – The Bowery Electric: Map Room

June22nd/6pm/Saturday – CD Release ShowCornelia Street Cafe, NY.

June 16th/7pm/Sunday  – Zirzamin Supersmall first show as a band. Pre-CD release show.

May 29th/7pm/Wednesday – Ask Me StoriesAxis Theater Company  – Supersmall Solo

January 29th/8pm/Tuesday – The Big Shrink – UCBeast – Colin Played Supersmnall songs solo for the first time.