Saturday, April 7th, 2012.

Plans for the weekend include writing out the music for ‘This Grenade Will Love You’. This will be difficult as I have no idea what key it’s even in. I de-tuned my guitar as an experiment to “find” new sounds/music and the song wrote itself in about 10 minutes. A strange and rare happening but I like it. I’ve never played it live or to anyone outside of Supersmall. It has a country folk feel to it. Anyway, I’ll need two guitars to get it done, one de-tuned and one in correct tuning.

I’m also working on a new song. I’ve been very productive lately and I want to get as much done while I’m in this space. I have the melody, first verse and chorus complete. It’s currently titled “It’s Just The Way It’s Meant To Be”. It’s an odd folk song about obsession, maybe it will work, maybe it won’t.

I also need to rewrite a song called Refractory Space. Daniela gave me lyrics to work into a song and when it was completed I had ventured too far from the point of the song, so I got to reign it back a bit. I like the melody so if the song doesn’t work out I’ll keep the tune for another day.

Next rehearsal is this Thursday. The aim is to get two other songs finished.

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