Rehearsal #5

Last night was a dry practice, as in no alcohol whatsoever. It was an off night, it happens. I could not get a single good tone out of my guitar, I may have to change the strings already. Maybe a trip to Main Drag Music for a seasonal set up is on the cards.

We went over ‘Stop This Madness’ which may or may not make the cut. I’m unsure myself if only that it doesn’t blend well with the other songs.

Other song possibilities are ‘Goodbye Old Friend’ and maybe an acoustic version of ‘Haunted House’ which is at least fun to play. I need to record a demo of the first for next rehearsal.

No rehearsal for Two weeks. In the meantime Daniela is looking into a Studio & Producer she used before. I need to start putting together prices and a time frame for recording.

And that is the progress so far.

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