Update – May 19th

I promised myself to keep this blog updated on the workings of Supersmall as a writing exercise but also as a tool to track our progress. I have a habit of running too many projects at once but decided to really try and focus on this one…okay, and writing short stories but that’s it.

Due to outside commitments we have not rehearsed in over three weeks. This allowed me to focus on some writing but to be honest I produced very little of any value. Writing this is even a struggle to get my thoughts together. I have not been able to sit still or focus on anything for the last few weeks. There is no music in my head and half written lyrics remain half written after spending time with them. I’m going on vacation next weekend so maybe some rest and distance from the constant noise of the city will change things.

The lineup has changed and Leslie is no longer part of the band due to other commitments. We will miss her input but this now presents us with a new direction to go with the music. I have looked into several recording studios in Brooklyn and found two that look interesting. One in particular had an impressive demo online which sounds a lot like what i’m aiming for. I will follow this up next week.

I will now nail down the five songs and write out the baselines and additional guitar parts so we can be prepared for the recording studio. I would like to aim for late July or early August. A low-key show or two before then would also be a great help in fleshing out the songs. I have a feeling it will be a busy summer.

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