Sharpen Your Pencil

Weekend Cycle

During the early stages of making this E.P. I went through the process of finding a good recording studio. This entailed scouring the Internet and asking other musicians but the most effective method turned out to be simply asking the staff of various music stores. They had a good insight into where their customers recorded, most of them being musicians themselves. One studio they recommended was located in Williamsburg and ended up as our first choice before eventually choosing Moon Lab Studios for reasons explained in an earlier post.

I was out for my usual weekend cycle yesterday when I passed the building the former studio was located in. The building caught my eye due to the details on its facade. A series of pencils lined the windows of the top floor and I had no idea why.

Former Faber Pencil Factory

I looked up the building when I returned home and found out that it was the former location of the Faber Pencil Factory. Eberhard Faber was the first to introduce German lead pencil making to the United States. It relocated to Pennsylvania in the 1950’s and the property was later sold in 1978. As far as I know it has become a mix of commercial and residential space.

Pencils & Diamond Logo

I cycled by this building for years but only took notice of it yesterday because of discovering the studio located inside. A neat little New York find all due to the making of this E.P.

A Closer Look


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