Update November 4th

Hi, it’s been a while…

The artwork for the E.P. cover is currently being worked on and we’re very excited about it. The tracks are getting filled out a little with some keyboards and it looks like we may have a record before November is over. It was Daniela’s birthday last week and we celebrated by drinking Lagavulin at rehearsal and added three new songs to our set list for future live shows. We now have a total of one whole hour of original music! I promoted the E.P. on a podcast recently which will be out next week. I will post a link when it is up.

The Ten Song (1 Hour) Set List:

1) This Other World (E.P.)
2) Wherever We Are (E.P.)
3) Goodbye Old Friend (E.P.)
4) Everywhere (E.P.)
5) This Grenade Will Love You (E.P.)
6) Haunted House (Acoustic version) (E.P.)
7) Blue Skies (E.P.)
8) She’s Alright (Old song played in a new way)
9) Invisible Ink (New song)
10) The Sky Is Humming (New song)

Oh, and everybody survived Super Storm Sandy unscathed, well…kinda.

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