Historic. Epic. Momentous. Better than my old BMX.

It is with heart bursting joy and utmost bone rattling pride that I can tell you that Supersmall has become the first ever band to appear on The Twitter. This is a momentous occasion which I’m sure will be copied by other bands. Feel free to follow us and gain incredible insights and essential knowledge on what goes on inside this cutting edge band. Right now we are slim on tweets but rest assured, you will be glad you followed early to avoid the rush later.

Anyone who knows about The Twitter will realize how important it is and I’m sure you’re as awestruck as we are. There are moments in my life that stand out as triumphs such as:

  • My first kiss aged 11 to a girl called Ingrid.
  • The day I stopped wetting my bed.
  • Starting my very first band aged 15.
  • Singing a song I wrote in public for the first time to over two hundred disinterested people. 
  • The day I was deemed old enough to attend church on my own, and didn’t ever after.
  • Losing my virginity.
  • Joining the army reserve and wearing my uniform for the first time.
  • A cancer scare testing negative. 
  • Getting my dog Sam. 
  • Taking time off to go Traveling.
  • Getting paid to perform for the first time.
  • Getting a BMX for Christmas.
  • Moving to New York City.
  • The first time performing Stand Up Comedy.
  • Starting my own private investigation company aged 10 to tackle rising crime in my housing estate after my BMX was stolen by subhuman thugs from a local playground as my back was turned while chatting with Amy on the swings. 
  • Seeing Neil Finn play live for the first time in Dublin.
  • Graduating college with a degree after five long boring years.
  • My little sister being born.
  • Getting a replacement BMX for Christmas. 
  • and of course, getting married to the love of my life. 

Well Twitter now trounces all of that and has taken first place!

So follow us on The Twitter by clicking here or on the image below. Share our glory!

Click Me and Join!
Not as awesome as The Twitter.

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