Supersmall Album Demos

Album Song Pool
Album Song Pool

Last night I finalized my list of possible songs to work on for the album, we start recording on November 19th. I  was a little surprised to find that there were 73 songs (or demos to be more accurate) on the list. I admit, most are terrible or just scraps of lyrics and chord changes, but a lot are fully finished. It’s interesting to listen to them and hear the hurried tone in my voice as I try to capture the melody before it escapes me. In several you can hear that I’ve been drinking while one is of me singing an entire song into my phone in the restroom at The Poets House. When an idea hits you really have a limited time to get it down before it fades away. With 73 songs, or just over three hours of music, I hope to mine at least a few songs of value. Between now and November 19th i’ll be very busy going through all these. If last night was any indicator, I predict a lot of wine consumption and late nights. But it’s worth it. This Other World certainly was.

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