My Mind’s Eye: Scientific American

My Mind’s Eye, a series of video interviews for Scientific American

In addition to performing as Supersmall, we are also the *rhythm section of New York neuroscience rock band The Amygdaloids. Lead singer and rhythm guitarist, Joseph LeDoux has been working with Scientific American on a series of video interviews in relation to the brain. Incorporated in these videos is the music of The Amygdaloids. They are a really cool and interesting mix of science and music worth checking out.

Click on the links below and enjoy. Please like, share and recommend everywhere & anywhere you can.

The Shows:

Episode 1: The Mind Body Problem, with Ned Block
Episode 2: How Free Is Your Will, with Mike Gazzaniga
Episode 3:  Mapping Memory, with Eric Kandel
Colin & Daniela with The Amygdaloids
The Amygdaloids: Tyler, Daniela, Joe & Colin.

*I am a recent addition/temporary replacement for bass player Amanda Thorpe. It is her talents on bass and backing vocals that you hear in the videos. Be sure to check out her music also.

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