B’Dum Dum!

The bass lines have been recorded for the first five songs on the album! I’ll return on January 19th to record the vocals and another day to fix up some guitar work. After that we should have solid ground to bring in additional musicians, some of which have agreed to be apart of our next record already. It’s all very exciting. I have two more songs I want to demo which will bring us up to seven tracks, we’re aiming for eight or nine. We’ve been pretty ruthless in cutting songs from this record. A lot of material I’ve mentioned as “definite” has already been regulated to the trash or the “edit” folder. I feel like I’m writing at my best at the moment but it’s always the rogue song that suddenly appears out of nowhere, or just arrives that seems to work. The one that when you try to explain how it manifested itself devolves into describing a fading dream out loud to strangers. Then again, this is all the mystery of creating something. Although at times frustrating, it is always enjoyable.

Lady Starlight


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