Silent Moon Update – Feb 2nd 2015

Three studio recordings in one week, that’s a good week in music! It’s almost like i’m a pro. I admit, only two were for Supersmall though. Saturday I spent the day working on the single ‘Take The Day Off’ at Moon Labs which is a song in the genre of ‘Swing’ to further annoy those folk who comment that we have not yet found our ‘sound’. Yes, you’re right and we’re totally fine with it. When they find themselves clicking their fingers to it and singing along Sinatra style i’m sure they’ll understand. Shoo-bee-doobie-doo!

‘Take The Day Off’ Single @ Moon Lab Studios


Today I spent all day in New Jersey laying down vocals for the new record at Nuthouse. The studio is huge, but the one next door is even bigger. It’s the studio Jeff Buckley was recording his second album in before he died. I just recently finished the book ‘Touched By Grace’ by Gary Lucas and enjoy taking a peak inside whenever they leave the door open. So far they’ve had everything from the hairiest folk band i’ve ever seen to a mellow drugged out heavy metal band who got their tour bus stuck in the car park because they were too high to drive it out. Spinal Tap is a documentary.

I also recorded two additional demos which Tom (producer) agrees should be added to the record – Hello tracks #6 & #7! ‘Riot’, one of the two new folk tunes has been bumped up to #1 single. A vote of confidence I admit. I’ll go over the demo and see what we can add, most likely just some violin. The adventure continues.

Silent Moon Album @ Nuthouse Studios




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