News: August 19th, 2015

The album is finished, mastered, and the agonizing over the track listing is all behind us. We are done. The art is completed, our release date is set for September 28th and all we have to do is wait…and listen to the record repeatedly. I couldn’t bring myself to say it until my wife, Marisa mentioned it. Then I talked with Daniela about it and my mind was made up. The title track Silent Moon needs to be redone. There is an energy and feeling in the song when played live that we could not capture on the record. The strings, organ, keyboards and whatnot sound wonderful, as good as any record. It just sounds a little lifeless and slow. To someone who had never heard the original, they probably wouldn’t even notice. It’s sounds beautiful, it’s just not our song.

I contacted our producer and between both of us being on vacation soon, his studio being totally booked up due to it being the busy time of the year, there was just no way to get the song fixed in time. Shit. Then I got a cal later today, there is an open spot next Tuesday 6pm – 12am. Bingo, we’ll work on it then. It’s not enough time to do what needs to be done so we’ll then send it over to the previous studio and pick it up there. That looks like the second week in September. We’ll master it and send it to the printing company to rush the CDs and fingers crossed, have everything we need by September 28th.

I’m a little stressed but if I keep focused I’m pretty sure I can pull it off.

Today was a little like Mission Impossible making phone calls, texting and emailing but we got ourselves a plan.

Stay tuned…

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