Rockwood Music Hall – CD Release Party.

Supersmall invites you to enter the world of Silent Moon, their debut album after the successful 2013 release of EP, This Other World.
Supersmall Album Release Party
Rockwood Music Hall Stage 3
196 Allen St, New York, NY 10002
(212) 477-4155
Monday, September 28th, 7pm.
Tickets: $10 and includes album.
A little older, a little bit more experimental, the album takes you through a daydream-like stretch of jazzy melodies, retro-rock and songs sung out to sea. A truly original sound inspired by artists such as Neil Finn and Pink Floyd, there is a sophisticated balance of poetic lyrics that span religion to untraditional love songs, honest vocals and intricate guitar—all amidst an ethereal atmosphere of keyboards, strings and trumpet.
Click on the Soundcloud link below to stream the single A Better Life off the new album:

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