Crisp Music – “A Better Life”


More kind words from AudioFuzz, this time about our single A Better Life. Click HERE to read the article.

“…Crisp guitars, horns, intimate vocals, what’s not to like?  Supersmall is composed of singer-songwriter, Colin Dempsey, and drummer, Daniela Schiller. Dempsey is an Irish writer and storyteller based in New York. He has performed his unique blend of indie-rock music in Australia, New Zealand, Ireland, and most recently, the US. Schiller is a musician, storyteller and Neuroscientist, who leads the Schiller Lab of Affective Neuroscience at the Mount Sinai School of Medicine.  As I said, comparisons to Neutral Milk Hotel and the Mountain Goats are not out of the question, but the production is never cluttered, but is crisp as an autumn day in New England.  This is a great band that is on its way to big things.  I’m hitching my wagon to their star.” – AudioFuzz

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