Rockwood Music Hall Stage 1, NY


Come join us for our first show of 2016 as we officially release Silent Moon. Ross Otto will be joining us on bass again.

It’s a FREE show and we’ll be playing songs from This Other World & Silent Moon.

We hope to see you there.

Feel free to check out our music & updates here:

This Other World: Top 13 editor picks of 2013 –

Deli Magazine NYC, Emerging Artist 2013! –Deli Magazine, NYC

There is nothing at all small about Supersmall, they are a large sounding folk/pop group. Beautiful vocals, beautiful arrangements.” – AudioFuzz (Silent Moon)

“Dempsey and Schiller make a compelling duo; a very organic and natural partnership of storytellers whose lyrical content shine among these seven well-crafted songs.” – (This Other World)

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